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The Six-Five on BUGGIN’ OUT! (pt. 3)

  Welly, Welly, Well then my little Savages…Here we are together again. Thus far we’ve gone over what bugging out is and how to get home from where ever you may be; today we’ll be talking about what we should have at our home base. After all what’s the point in going through all the […]

The Six-Five on BUGGIN’ OUT! (pt. 2)

Back again Savages! If you missed Part 1 go back and read it! Now that we’ve explored the why and when, let’s talk about the what. That’s right, let’s talk about gear. I want to cover the GHB I was talking about earlier. Now, rather than get all hung up on making this a gear […]

Backcountry Bush Bass

  Here’s a quick and easy recipe for just about any freshwater fish you might catch.  I use some ingredients that I foraged and some that I carry in the pack.  I didn’t use anything I wouldn’t have on hand in a backpacking situation. You could add some ingredients to it if you’re at home, […]

Cutting above the Rest

    What’s crackin’ Savages? You all should know that the good people at ESEE and I are giving away the goods. If you haven’t already, you have about a week to ENTER. If you have entered its time you got around to enlisting your family and friends to enter too. Alright, I’m not just […]

The Steel and The Spark

  We know the more primitive way of fire starting with sticks and minimal material, and I should hope that you know how to use a lighter; what might be new to some of you is the firesteel. Firesteels, fire strikers, ferro rods, or Swedish firesteel are all basically evolved versions of the good ol’ […]

Getting Out: Motives and Meanderings.

    Recently the Savage went to into the Sierra Wilderness backpacking. I sat down at the keys tonight to tell you about it in a review of sorts. I decided to scrap that for now, don’t fret kids I’ll give you the full review soon enough. I actually just wanted to talk about the […]

Tacos Indígenas de Fusión

  Come on, Even Thumper would eat it.   You open the lift top freezer and you’re staring at the last bits of Bambi. The steaks and roasts are gone and the antlers are on the wall, all you have left is ground venison. Here’s a great recipe you can use to class that meat […]

Skin Me Some Dinner

  On the left is my ESEE Izula II, My current Skinner/Dinner Knife.   The skinner dinner knife. You’re number 2 blade. You already have a bush knife right? So why have an extra blade? Why carry the extra weight? It’s not just a duplicate or back up. Your bush knife will do the heavy […]

Come on Baby, Light My Fire

Behold, the elusive Savage   Have you ever seen that movie ‘Quest for Fire’? It’s a film adaptation of a book written in 1911. It involves Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis, Homo sapiens, a grueling bite to the nut sack and of course fire. When I was a kid this movie was played on television over […]

Don’t Lose Your Edge

    You know all about bush knives and you’ve chosen either 1095 carbon steel or you spent some extra coin and got yourself D2. Congratulations. You’ve practiced batoning wood, making feather sticks and you’re knife just isn’t cutting quite as easy as it once did. Maybe you’re one of those people who’s kitchen knife […]