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London Calling

  I’m flyin’ high over Tupelo, Mississippi with America’s hottest band… and we’re all about to die…wait, that was from a movie. I actually rode alone in relative safety along with 525 strangers. Safely, not necessarily comfortably; I stand at 6’2″ and airplanes aren’t necessarily known for excessive leg room. Ahhh Air-travel, showing us that ‘class […]

The Only Stove You Need

  Morning Savages! First off, I would like to thank you all for your participation in the ESEE Giveaway! Congratulations to our Winners! Be sure to take a gander at this Month’s Giveaway sponsored by Solo Stove!   As you all should know, I will never put my seal of approval on something I don’t […]

Lake Mead Legendary

      I was just on Lake Mead doing some Bass fishing. In case you don’t know, Lake Mead is one if not the premiere Bass fishing lake in the U.S. There are some real lunkers pulled out of that lake well over 30 lbs. I didn’t feel like heading out on the water […]

Cutting above the Rest

    What’s crackin’ Savages? You all should know that the good people at ESEE and I are giving away the goods. If you haven’t already, you have about a week to ENTER. If you have entered its time you got around to enlisting your family and friends to enter too. Alright, I’m not just […]

Primo Grillin’ Trout Style

  What’s Crackin’ Savages? Remember that time when I said fishing was a good idea? This is why it’s a good idea. Fish with an unprecedented freshness! Couple weeks back I headed to Big Bear Lake in California to see if I could get my filthy mits on some trout. The lake seems to be […]

You Should Be ‘Gone Fishin’

    Hey there Savages! The sun is shining and it’s a great time to get out there and pull some fish out of the water. Is there anything more satisfying than a day on the water and defining the term ‘fresh’? Not much, it’s akin to growing your own vegetables in that sense of […]

Twin Lakes: The Experience.

  Morning Savages! As I mentioned in a past article, I recently backpacked up to the Twin Lakes in the Sequoia Wilderness. I don’t think I need to say much to sell this other than this is the Sierras, and it doesn’t get too much better in the way of majestic mountain landscapes. The Sierras […]

The Steel and The Spark

  We know the more primitive way of fire starting with sticks and minimal material, and I should hope that you know how to use a lighter; what might be new to some of you is the firesteel. Firesteels, fire strikers, ferro rods, or Swedish firesteel are all basically evolved versions of the good ol’ […]

Getting Out: Motives and Meanderings.

    Recently the Savage went to into the Sierra Wilderness backpacking. I sat down at the keys tonight to tell you about it in a review of sorts. I decided to scrap that for now, don’t fret kids I’ll give you the full review soon enough. I actually just wanted to talk about the […]

Tacos Indígenas de Fusión

  Come on, Even Thumper would eat it.   You open the lift top freezer and you’re staring at the last bits of Bambi. The steaks and roasts are gone and the antlers are on the wall, all you have left is ground venison. Here’s a great recipe you can use to class that meat […]