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London Calling

  I’m flyin’ high over Tupelo, Mississippi with America’s hottest band… and we’re all about to die…wait, that was from a movie. I actually rode alone in relative safety along with 525 strangers. Safely, not necessarily comfortably; I stand at 6’2″ and airplanes aren’t necessarily known for excessive leg room. Ahhh Air-travel, showing us that ‘class […]

Trail Energy and How to make Pemmican!

  Portable, Shelf stable, Compact and Energizing. Modern convenience has given us the protein bar, gels, and chews in a variety of colors shapes and sizes. Most of us have tucked away one of these next to a sack of trail mix or jerky. Today, I’ve got not one but two videos for you! The […]

The Art of Being Repulsive

  A few examples of effective repellents.   The one time in your life when you want be repulsive is when something is trying to eat you. This goes for the small critters as well as the big ones. We all know our best friend fiend the Mosquito, or as they say in kraut talk […]

Gearing up: The Gregory Baltoro 75

    Man, when I first strapped a pack to my twelve year old back things were a lot different. It was an external frame pack from the 60’s that my uncle used in the Boy Scouts. Just about the only good thing about it was it was free. My mom also took that ‘be […]

A Bridge to Nowhere…

    A Bridge to Nowhere… Sounds a bit ominous. Don’t worry Savages! It’s not really to nowhere, there’s plenty at the end, beginning and middle. The trail is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, north of the Azusa.  Technically, the trek itself is called the East Fork Trail.  You’ll end up taking a short […]