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London Calling

  I’m flyin’ high over Tupelo, Mississippi with America’s hottest band… and we’re all about to die…wait, that was from a movie. I actually rode alone in relative safety along with 525 strangers. Safely, not necessarily comfortably; I stand at 6’2″ and airplanes aren’t necessarily known for excessive leg room. Ahhh Air-travel, showing us that ‘class […]

Nevermind the Bollocks…Here’s the Savage Gentleman

  What’s crackin’ Savages? Here I am back again to impart you with tale of my exploits. This is going to be a bit of a series, as I’ve just been on quite a journey and I’d like to share my high points (of which there are many). I’d like everything to have context so […]

Twin Lakes: The Experience.

  Morning Savages! As I mentioned in a past article, I recently backpacked up to the Twin Lakes in the Sequoia Wilderness. I don’t think I need to say much to sell this other than this is the Sierras, and it doesn’t get too much better in the way of majestic mountain landscapes. The Sierras […]

Walking Amongst Immortals

  There’s a place where you can walk among immortals, a place where you can stand where Prometheus stood. They are the world’s oldest living (non-clonal) organisms. Imagine being surrounded by a forest that still grows and predates the pyramids of Giza. They have seen the coming and going of countless droughts and floods, governments, […]

A Bridge to Nowhere…

    A Bridge to Nowhere… Sounds a bit ominous. Don’t worry Savages! It’s not really to nowhere, there’s plenty at the end, beginning and middle. The trail is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, north of the Azusa.  Technically, the trek itself is called the East Fork Trail.  You’ll end up taking a short […]